By deepening, we live.

While the term afterlife can bring about visions of cloud cities with golden streets, fiery caverns with a demon at the helm, or even planets exclusively set aside for our benefit, these are all simply imaginings of a species in need of answers and control.

Ta’amism, while passionate about the many forms humanity has taken to get to this point, stands apart from other beliefs as it is rooted purely in Tonalli, our conscious and unconscious. The Ta’am, in and of itself, is completely internal and our own journey to navigate. Ta’amists are spiritual members of the Ta’am and physical members of the grid. The grid has always been overflowing with entities whose lives are nurtured by serenity, yet within the Ta’amist community, each member has the potential to seek freedom from the grid through Tonalli. By deepening within the Ta’am, we reveal a flowering of truth and knowledge.  By realizing the great myth of the grid, we are one step closer to named Xaman.

Where there is delusion, awareness cannot thrive.

A Ta’amist who has not yet experienced the rebirth of their consciousness that is devoid of their physical self will find this hard to believe, but by living and breathing The Tenets of Ta’amism and walking The Path to Tonalli, each member will experience a life full of deepening. During life, we experience traces of our unconscious mind through dreams. By meditating and slowing our minds in an effort to control the path of our thoughts, we can harness our own dream cycle and in a sense, awaken the chaos of the unconscious.

The Ta’amist realizes there is no afterlife of the body, only of Tonalli, the soul of our conscious and unconscious mind.  Through a lifetime of continuous deepening, the Ta’amist works to enhance the fractional sensitivity of our conscious mind so that it may join with the unconscious and develop the ability to depart with it.

Through a life of deepening, the Ta’amist has gained existence beyond the body. By reaching the level of named Xaman, we have gained sufficient control over our conscious and unconscious mind and are assured of our ability to fully join with our Tonalli and experience the afterlife. This is the ultimate path of all Ta’amists and a journey that may never end for some, although it is incredibly difficult to comprehend.

The truth lies in our consciousness, the moment in which human evolution turned a major corner and our energy developed into awareness. Evolution itself is infinite, however; our consciousness is young and immature, always filling in the gaps of the unexplained or unexplored. Our difficulty in comprehending these truths is not a result of the complex nature of the truth itself, but rather of the contradictory nature of the inherited attachments that fill our personal gaps. Ta’amism guides us in our efforts to identify these gaps, to use the fraction of Tonalli that is our conscious mind, and to unlock the full, albeit latent, energy that exists within our unconscious mind. In this way, we take ownership of our evolution and learn to live outside and apart from the grid. This is what we use the term afterlife to describe, deepening to a point where the physical is no longer a restraint.

Hence: By deepening, we live.