Let your gratitude be your guide.

The seventh marker of the Ajaw reveals gratitude first, and it is not without a maturing fusion of self-awareness that we can truly experience this state of mind.

Let your gratitude be your guide.

Ta’amism in and of itself practices a grateful nature towards the spiritual teachings, discoveries, successes and failures of all those who came before us. While we are not a religion in the sense of the multitudes of institutional definitions surrounding us, we are a religion in the spirit of collective belief intended to guide us toward the deepening, awakening, and enlightenment unique to each of our paths.

That said, we are also an organization, and like all organizations we require endowments from our community to carry our message forward. We use the term endowment to describe both the monetary contributions as well as the abilities, faculties, and strengths of our members, with the desire that all will embrace the Ta’am.

In the same way that the truth and path of each Ta’amist is distinct, so too is the level that each should give. Ta’amism places no rules or calls for support, we levy no precise fees for membership, and we do not imply that further or faster progress is only achievable by way of monetary payments.

Aside from an initial endowment for the affirming intention of new members, which is a personal decision and not a requirement, we also ask for the support of all Ta’amists by way of this statement: Let your gratitude be your guide.

The ninth marker teaches us to cast off our attachments to the grid, and to that end we must labour to achieve a certain level of financial discomfort akin to the journey we face. In this way, we provide solace to the Ta’am, through which others may deepen.


On behalf of all named Xamans and Ta’amism, we thank you sincerely for any and all ways that you can give.

By deepening, we live.