Embrace the energy of your fellowship and listen to the vibrations of your spirit.

Ta'amism is an internal system of belief, a gateway, and way of thought meant to help navigate our spiritual crossroads and find our path to deepening, awakening and enlightenment. It has origins within ancient Mayan civilizations, specifically the Nahuatl and Toltec people of Mesoamerica. The Toltec believed that in order to find peace in this world and find a place in the afterlife, one must cast off the attachments and domestications binding their energy. The Nahuatl found this energy radiated from the body through three entities: The Tonalli, Teyolía, and Ihíyotl, the three souls in the body.  Tonalli is located in the fontanel area of the skull, within the mind and all areas of our consciousness. Teyolía is located in the heart and Ihíyotl is in the liver.


Read the Birth of Ta'amism post by Xaman Ek to discover more.

The primary theme of Ta'amism that manifests in both the meaning of life and the afterlife is:  By deepening, we live. Xaman Ek refers to it as a crossroads, a spiritual place that is safe to explore for those seeking enlightenment, awakening, and ultimately a true deepening, outside of the multitude of paths offered by the grid. While appreciation for world religions is important, the Ta'amist will gain understanding into breadths of energy not yet taught, but that ancient civilizations had begun to tap.

Walking a path of enlightenment, searching for profound energy, joining physically and spiritually with others, meditating and connecting with Tonalli, awakening and deepening the mind, energy and soul; all these efforts work to bond our conscious with our unconscious. Our minds are the most fascinating product of evolution, which also formed for us the ability to unlock them.

In ancient Mayan, Ta’am refers to the profound and deep. Within Ta’amism, all deities are internal.  All gods, heavens and hells exist within us. Each member of the Ta’amist community is connected through Tonalli, their soul of the mind. The Ta’am exists all around us and within each of our three souls; the aspiration of the Ta’amist is to deepen each and fully connect with Tonalli. It is there that we are guided in our efforts to unlock the full potential energy that exists within our unconscious mind.

While some of the ancient beliefs about the three souls were a product of the time as in many other religions, the evolutionary formation and connection to consciousness was the key to the puzzle of historical beliefs and teachings. We realized the best way to communicate this new concept was to appropriate the lexes of the Nahuatl and refer to our “soul” as Tonalli.

To restate, it is the belief and realizable fact, that through millions of years of evolution, the human consciousness has developed the potential and the energy to live beyond the body if we’re willing and able to discover it. The journey lies in the path to awakening and linking with the unconscious side of our mind. This is belief we call Tonalli. The journey involves more than the mind, however, and a deepening of one’s entire being, both internal and external, is necessary to truly traverse this path. To impart this truth, an understanding of the connection was needed, and much like the Nahuatl, Tonalli joined with Teyolía and Ihíyotl to become the three souls, or sometimes referred to as simply the soul, together and separate at the same time.

Meditation is the key to successful deepening. Our homepage consists of selected meditations with new ones added frequently. Each is deliberately short in order to enhance the Ta’amist’s ability to focus on their link to Tonalli while embracing the Tenets and the Path. Below is a brief suggestion of how to perform the meditation, although we are cognizant of the fact that each Ta’amist may meditate in different ways at different times, and that that success will materialize in distinct ways.

Meditating in the Ta’am

  1. Prepare sufficient time and space for your meditation, noting that there is no right or wrong way.

  2. Find a comfortable position.

  3. If you have a prepared meditation, read through it. Stay attuned to any judgments that enter your mind.

  4. Observe your lower body, rest comfortably.

  5. Observe your upper body, find a natural position without being stiff.

  6. If your eyes are open, relax your gaze without focusing on anything specific.

  7. Bring your attention to your breath, the rise and fall of your chest, the air moving through your nose and mouth.

  8. Similar to mindfulness meditation, reflect on your energy in the present moment. Successful meditation is not always about a silent mind, but rather an attentive mind.

  9. Return to the energy of the present moment and provide your consciousness with gentle permission to wander.

  10. Consider the seventh marker of the Ajaw, and reflect on gratitude, respect, tolerance, peace, forgiveness and love.

  11. If you began with one, read through your prepared meditation again and observe any changes or further judgments that enter your mind. Let them pass by.

  12. Return again to the energy of the present moment and experience the deepening.

Dear Pa'al, as you embark on your journey through the Ta'am and on the Path to Tonalli, remember that you are not alone. Embrace the energy of your fellowship and listen to the vibrations of your spirit.