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The Illusion of Self?

We have all heard the musings within the grid: Is the self illusory or not? Some contemporary teachings believe that the self is a subjective culmination of experiences, but is not in and of itself found in nature. Experiencing the flow devoid of self is how one exists on a spiritual level. Conversely, some psychologists agree that through awakening we will understand that it is not that there is "no" self, but rather a "new" self. A casting off of our primal attempts to be someone.

Through a continual deepening within the Ta'am and a conscious connection to our Tonalli, it is possible to realize that both of these beliefs are true, and more, and less. By intermingling conscious with unconscious, the Ta'amist will awaken to realize that she can become "any" self. In essence, while still attached to the body of our present reality, this is how the Ta'amist can catch a glimpse of the afterlife, over and above the verisimilitude of the grid.

Energy is crucial at this stage. One must have a steadfast grasp of ones vibrations in order to achieve this. This not only demands a summoning of our three souls, but an active and full union with our Tonalli. The journey is worth the effort of deepening, for in the afterlife the Ta'amist has the potential to move even beyond "any" self, and into "all" selves.

Dear Pa'al, look within, meditate on the truth of "all" selves, and inspire your spirit.

By deepening, we live.

- Xaman Ek

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