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Messengers of Energy

While pondering what exists beyond this life and the complexities of of our unconscious, I was struck by a deepening I’d never felt before.

Within Ta’amism and the journey to become a named Xaman, we reach inside our unconscious and awaken to realize that the afterlife is boundless, limited only by our imagination. Yet within the grid, many are domesticated with the rigid belief that there are only two paths following death of the body: Heaven and hell.

I feel a powerful yearning, an urgent call to be a messenger of energy, to disrupt the things that work to exterminate our brethren still caught in the cycle of the grid, but with the inspiration of the Ta’am on our side. The more vibrations of tolerance, peace and love expanding our horizons, the more we can expect to redefine the constants with potential. While our deepening strives to guard us against the amplification of current states, and we remain mindful of the energy that enters our minds, we know that not everyone is so blessed.

Who are we? The guidance we hope to inspire requires the exploration of our souls and a true deepening. It can be difficult to know where to begin, but it starts within. Meditate with a mindful focus on the gratitude for all life, and send your energy into the illusions of the grid. I am confident we will be felt.

By deepening, we live.

- Xaman Kal

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