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Killing Your Rules

Have you been feeling trapped or without control? In Ta'amism, we refer to the grid as the world around us, this temporal reality, that can lure us into a false sense of security over our mortality. But there also exists the grid within each of us, made up of our attachments and domestications, that as Ta'amists in the wake of our Toltec ancestors, seek to cast off.

On occasion however, the grid can teach us if we listen for the wisdom among the shadows. In the current business world there exists a phenomenon known as "Kill a Rule", created to help organizations identify and rectify the ways in which they are inefficient.

Applied to our minds and spirits, this is precisely that for which we endeavour. Attachments, the beliefs or items we have grown unable to live without, can prevent us from seeing wisdom, from deepening. Domestications, things taught to us from childhood that subconsciously define us, can close doors we are otherwise blind to.

To take stock of our minds, to analyze that which we believe defines us, to uncover the seeds that were unknowingly planted in our unconscious, and to truly allow the awakening and the expelling of the cancer; these are the first steps. To identify, accept and meditate on each attachment or domestication itself, to let go and replace with forgiveness and a thirst for wisdom; this is the true deepening.

Ask yourself these questions: Is there a part of me that stands in the way of seeking wisdom? Have I turned my back on happiness because of someone or something else? Do I currently, or might I in the future, feel guilt or shame for any reason?

Dear Pa'al, if you answered yes to any of those questions, then deepening through Ta'amism is the right turn at your crossroads of empathy and delusion. Reach out and subscribe. Curiosity is the healing toward rebirth.

By deepening, we live.

- Xaman Ek

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