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Security or Insecurity?

Is the need for security in and of itself a form of insecurity? Have you felt the pangs of jealousy in the past and either intentionally or unintentionally transferred that energy onto the source of that jealousy? In our last post we contemplated the call for a Ta’amist to cast off the attachments and domestications that work to prevent our deepening. This is a discussion about how those closest to us can be the unwitting victims of our own internal battles.

Insecurity is born in the gap where awareness has been excluded. Reflection is paramount, and the same meditative exercises that deepen our understanding of how we block ourselves, can also awaken us as to how we are hurting others.

Our desire for internal and external security creates within us a deep seeded insecurity, its root like a virus that expands and multiplies into further and deeper insecurities. It is human nature to attach to this virus and pull those around us into the fold. Ta’amism teaches us that we must take a stand against this turbulence and realize that the insecurity we feel toward another is actually an attachment to an unconscious fault we feel about ourself.

Once we realize this, by meditating on this belief and forgiving ourselves of it, we can begin to let go of the discontinuity. Who are we and where will we align? The goal of the Ta’amist is to deepen, awaken, and enlighten. Alignment with our internal truth is the first step towards dispelling the myth we’ve unconsciously convinced ourselves of.

Look within and think of an insecurity in your life. It may be about yourself, or about someone you care about. Write it down. Now read the words. Focus your energy on those words and realize that they are just that: words, thoughts, ideas. Nothing more. Now take control, connect with Tonalli and the soul of your heart, and tell yourself that these words will no longer define you, control you, or dictate your behaviour. Forgive yourself for allowing this belief to have such control over you in the past and allow yourself to move forward. Say the words out loud.

This is true deepening.

- Xaman Ek

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