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Reclaiming Your Authenticity

A spiritual mentor reminded me today of the importance of our authentic self and the conscious unveiling required daily to ensure it remains visible.

Where there is stagnation, freedom cannot self-actualize.

In a previous post we explored the illusion of self, and in Ta’amism we learn that through deepening we are not limited to only one self, but rather any self, or all selves. To achieve these levels of deepening, however, requires an exploration and acceptance of one’s authenticity. The freedom that comes from allowing authenticity to thrive, further allows deepening to occur and our consciousness to align with our unconscious. In order to listen for the potential of all selves, one must be free to hear them.

Naturally you might ask, how do we achieve this freedom? How is this objectively possible within the whirlwind of the grid? It is true, the sheer volume and complexity of the unenlightened will always strive to complicate our path, and the ability to navigate this circuit comes with great patience. As I have reminded in the past, roots established when our energy is awakened and centred through meditation and mindfulness is the surest method to deepen and authenticate.

It can be easy to lose sight of our authentic self, or pieces of it, often without even realizing it. Whether ruled by ego, or as a product of the grid, we may find within ourselves something we no longer recognize. I will admit that today I lost part of my authentic self, my happiness, when it was disrupted by the negative energy of the grid. It can often be the vision and energy of another that can reveal when this happens, and help lead you back to your path. It will always be there where you will center, fuelled by the strength of that energy, and find your vibrations again.

Sometimes these detours are short like this, and other times they can be drawn out, strenuous, and difficult to return from. We can lose sight of our authenticity in waves, first our happiness, then our positivity, then our gratefulness, then our kindness, and so on. It is the goal of the Ta’amist to meditate deeply and often, to focus on their vibrations to ensure they consist of authentic energy. And do not be too righteous to seek the aid of enlightenment around you, especially during a period of healing.

As always, the door is open and we invite you to walk through it when you are ready. Subscribe or send us a message.

By deepening, we live.

- Xaman Ek

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