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Requirements of Love: True or False?

I have been asked recently about the obstructions within the grid, the barriers thrown up around us that divert our vibrations. As Ta’amists, we are called to explore the infinite, to deepen and find the interconnection of our energy and purpose. Similar to attachments and domestications, there are threats that work to disrupt the osmosis of our learning, and can subtly detach pieces of our authenticity.

The ninth tenet tells us that our potential requires exploration, but that stagnation can occur if we are shielded from growth. There are many hindrances we face and have the ability to control, but there are many more we don’t see directly that impede that same control.

An example of this is love. One of the foundational instincts of Ta'amism, yet it is also riddled with grid-based extensions. We are meant to explore love in all its forms: the passion, excitement, respect, and joy that comes with experiencing love in different ways. We use these feelings to look within and deepen, to gain wisdom and clarity, and to strengthen our bond with Tonalli.

Yet how often have we been advised of the requirements that come with love. We are educated to believe that the step following love should often be marriage. While this may be authentically true for some, many partnerships have been entered into because of the attachment to this idea. While we advocate a deep respect for other world religions, there are doctrines that exist within some religions, not to mention some governments, that propagate the notion that marriage is an obligation for all who intend to pursue love. This obstruction has been formed over centuries of tradition and practice and takes an incredible amount of mindfulness and meditation to ascertain whether it is exactly that, or whether it is an authentic pursuit for the Ta’amist.

Any feeling, belief, goal, or purpose that distracts from our ability to deepen is from the grid, and this example is compounded by the importance and consequence posed by love. The ability to recognize the path of true love as opposed to a societal imperative placed on us is the challenge that lies ahead, and it can be difficult to know where to begin as this path is individually distinct. Following the Tenets of Ta’amism and focusing energy on the Path to Tonalli can assist in our ability to discern false from genuine.

I wish you the intercession of Tonalli and encourage you to ask questions. Be mindful of your vibrations, but heed the energy of your curiosity.

By deepening, we live.

- Xaman Ek

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