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The Second Tenet & Relationships

In our last few messages Xaman Ek has discussed at length our exposure to hindrances within the grid. In our efforts to deepen, the recognition and removal of a negative force is just as important as the addition of a positive one. To this end, balance is the richness of enlightenment, and the driver of further balance.

Within the Tenets of Ta'amism, the first four are the most fundamental, and to further the introspections from our last few messages, our current concentration is on the second tenet:

"We deepen our Tonalli through the connection of our minds. Meditation, ritual, even the simplest forms of conversation can provide us with an ethereal spiritual deepening."

While it is true that the connections and bonds we form may differ for all relationships, it is also true that all relationships, when approached with openness of spirit and clarity of ambition, have something to offer.

Consider two scenarios from your past: First, think about a time you formed a strong and emotional bond with someone the moment you met, the seemingly natural way the connection grew, and the instinctual, almost pre-cognitive, conversation you shared. It may have felt as though you'd known each other for years, whether in this life or another. Second, consider a time where the opposite was true. The connection was difficult, required effort, maybe even felt awkward or frustrating. What was different between these two meetings, and what was the same? Does your answer to that question reflect your subjective view of the individual you met? Or is there an opportunity to look inward and discover?

Look into the past one more time and consider the primary source of your knowledge. The answer most likely involves the intercession of others. Consider now the levels of deepening one could attain with the openness to absorb, the willingness to refine, and the eagerness to redefine. I would encourage you to meditate on these thoughts, as answers are found within.

Our relationships with other spiritual beings can lead to an invocation of empathy, and a joyous blossoming of uncharted passion, and this is the positive force to our deepening eluded to in the second tenet. In Ta’amism we cogitate on the importance of exploration, and in this way we are seekers. The yearning for truth experienced by a seeker is best satiated by the unfolding of consciousness found in the connection with another seeker.

Review the Tenets and the Path, let the Ta’am stimulate your spirit and invigorate your energy. My hope is that you will feel that flood of energy, let the vibrations flow, and be inspired to seek.

By deepening, we live.

- Xaman Kal

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