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The Burden of Expectations

We are fostered in both childhood and adulthood to establish goals and set expectations for ourselves and others. Inherently, this is not unhealthy, and one can certainly do well in life when the sphere of potentiality is deliberated and endeavoured toward. This message, however, is less to do with a healthy, realistic, and common set of ambitions, and more to do with the danger that can arise when our subconscious begins to develop the routine of unwarranted expectations, thus creating one of itself or of others.

Expectations beget expectations, and this can quickly become unbalanced without realization. Serenity cannot thrive, and deepening is unlikely to occur, where discontinuity is present.

Open your mind to examples in your past as we review the following questions: Have you ever had an expectation of someone that was unknowingly, or perhaps knowingly, based on the behaviour of another person? Relating to relationships, as discussed in the message from Xaman Kal last week, this can sidle into our subconscious very easily. Have you ever felt the routines, wants, or behaviours of a previous partner play into your expectations of a new one? Have you ever placed a caveat on your regard toward another based on a latent domestication you may have adopted?

I hesitate to give actual context, and ask simply that you meditate on your own internal reaction. That said, contemplate the negative feelings we may have felt toward someone or a situation. Feelings of hurt, disappointment, jealousy, anger; were these authentic in those instances, or could they have been a warning of an internal struggle with a belief that shouldn’t exist? Anything that can detour our energy away from deepening requires attention and resolve in order to avoid the interruptions in our positive vibrations.

Once we have a sense of how these expectations affect us and our relationships with others, we can work to pinpoint their source and deepen our ability to authenticate the real from the distracting.

It is possible to disrupt the things that disrupt us, but only with clarity on our side.

The Path to Tonalli is the Ta’amist’s source of guidance for how to achieve this. Practice the third and the fifth marker of the Ajaw, and do so in combination if possible. Much peace and clarity can be attained by experiencing the energy the universe provides to us while we savour the flow of nature and reflect on it. While in that place, if it comes to you, manifest the attributes of the seventh marker: pull those earlier disruptions into the forefront of your mind and place them in a pool of gratitude, forgiveness and love. Cherish the moment as they thin, dissolving in the waters of your authentic self.

Aprofundando vivemos.

By deepening, we live.

- Xaman Ek

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