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The Markers of the Ajaw

In Ta’amism, our beliefs center around our ability to embrace the soul of our mind, to become one with it by deepening the link between our conscious and unconscious. We achieve this by living the Tenets of Ta’amism and by following The Path to Tonalli, a specific set of instructions for daily living as well as calls for long term improvements. We refer to each as a marker of the Ajaw, as it brings us closer to that which deepens us and brings us life.

Until now we have not discussed the markers in much detail, but before we do it’s important to understand what the Ajaw is and what it represents. It is a figure from ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures that depicts the glyphs of lord, sun and shells. Known as the Ajaw or Ajpu Spirit, it primarily symbolizes the sun, vision, light and time, the very roots of the Ta'amist's endeavor to deepen, and why we have adopted it as our symbol.

The Sun is one of the most important entities within Ta’amism and represents eternity of spirit, our ability to achieve the everlasting. If the Tonalli represents the soul of our mind, so the sun would represent the soul of our world. As written, a solar eclipse is a sacred event for the Ta’amist for the brief change in perspective it provides and the allegory of the unconscious.

The Vision and the Light are the metaphorical imageries of our first tenet: By deepening we live. The sixth and tenth markers advise us best in this, vision both external and internal, through exploration and meditation. Understanding is the light.

And finally, Time, as in change, is the one true constant. All else equal, time is short, hence our efforts to deepen and yearn for the infinite. Becoming one with Tonalli is becoming one with time. Heed the third marker as you contemplate this thought, the paradigm shift of consciousness, and it will present itself to you.

With an enlightened understanding of the Ajaw, let’s now look closely at the markers and how they form the Path to Tonalli.

1. Follow the Tenets of Ta’amism to ensure you are not confined to the grid.

2. Strive to attain the next Level of Deepening.

The first two markers represent our call as Ta’amists. The Tenets are our lifelines, our calls to action each and every day. The Levels provide us with an indication of our progress and ability to deepen. The path would be an impossibility without the mentorship of the Tenets, and it would be a never-ending journey without the development of our abilities.

3. Meditate daily, once for each of your three souls. Only a Ta’amist who yearns for the infinite may possibly hope to manifest a paradigm shift of consciousness.

The third marker is as close to a literal instruction as Ta’amism teaches. Meditation as so integral to a spiritual journey that it must be precisely imparted. That said, there are many forms of meditation from many different sources, and the Ta’amist will find value in most; for example, a regular practice of mindfulness meditation will not only bring deepening but can also provide guidance through the seventh marker.

4. Fellowship with other members of the Ta’am, in the dominion of both the physical and spiritual.

5. Interact and connect with the environment and experience the energy of the universe.

The fourth and fifth markers guide us to experience our relationships to the fullest extent possible, not only those relationships with others, but also with the world around us. Ta’amist teaches on the importance of energy, and whether we experience this life through introversion or extraversion or a combination of the two, we create, absorb and expend energy constantly. This is the external vision in its truest sense.

6. Expand your knowledge of both science and belief. The complexity of the present time is dwarfed by the opportunities of the future. Understanding requires exploration.

7. Practice gratitude, respect, tolerance, peace, forgiveness and love.

Just as the above represents the external vision, the sixth and seventh markers represent the internal vision. Knowledge, truth, emotion, sense, perception, wisdom, understanding, which we would describe in totality as deepening, are the fruits of our labors along the path.

8. Eliminate the things that can destroy you and take a stand against delusion.

9. Cast aside all dogma, attachment and domestication that imprisons you in bondage.

10. Experience the vision and the light. You may be ruled by the turbulence of the grid without realizing it. Labour to keep your mind open and your energy unrestricted.

The final three markers represent the conscious effort required of us to build a foundation unshakable by the grid. Understanding that we have freedom and working to claim it is generally the first step, but only the consistency and guidance provided by the teachings of Ta’amism can ensure you remain on the path. Many of our previous messages have spent time deliberating how the grid accomplishes its work and the ways we can rise above it, and we encourage you to read through and meditate on them.

Take the time to visit and learn the teachings of Ta’amism in more detail as they represent the very best place to start your deepening if you haven’t already done so. The links are provided below.

Origins | The Tenets of Ta’amism | The Levels of Deepening | The Path to Tonalli | Afterlife of the Ta’am

May the Ajaw guide you on your journey.

By deepening, we live.

- Xaman Ek

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