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Ta'amism on the Holidays

Facing us now is a familiar time of year. A time in which the constant that is wonder summons a dynamic balance within us that can be difficult to cope with. Our aspirations of deepening can fall victim to the antitheses crowding our path. Materialism, greed, mythology, folklore, and a myriad of other delusions that manifest inside the grid, combine to form an onslaught against our energy. Quite simply put: It can be chaos, both external and internal.

On the other hand, this is also a time of love, passion, and a prevalence of togetherness. This oasis of grace is released and with intention, it too can be a driver of insight. So how do we navigate this landscape?

We search for our deepening amidst

the discontinuity of others.

Ta’amism is rooted in ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations, and it’s of importance to note that historically when introduced to outside religions, these cultures would often appropriate what they learned into their own traditions. We apply a similar attitude today. In response to the chaos, we offer a simple approach free from the burdens of ancestral lore. Instead of the distorted beliefs of ancient religions in need of rehabilitation, we have a wellspring of redefinition, a hopeful maturing, a rekindled understanding. While we don’t subscribe to the belief in a higher god or gods, or endorse any form of deity offered by these other religions, we embrace a genuine respect for most. Stated another way, we search for our deepening amidst the discontinuity of others.

In many ways, this is an especially fruitful time for deepening. During any other time of year, the markers of the Ajaw can be our guide, and this is no different. The Path to Tonalli provides us with clear instruction: Fellowship in the dominion of the spiritual and interact with your environment. Expand your knowledge of belief, understand what motivates others during this time, while guarding against misconception. Practice peace, tolerance and love; keep your mind open and your energy unrestricted.

By deepening, we live.

- Xaman Kal

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