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Valuable Digressions

We are usually taught to clear our minds during meditation, and when thoughts do enter, to take note and let them pass by. Success and progress in meditating is measured by the length of time in between these random thoughts.

The intent of meditation, we've been told, is to liken our mind to an empty room. We spend time ensuring everything leaves so we can appreciate the quiet solace left behind. When a random thought enters through the front door, we quickly usher it out the back; but what if we were to suggest that not all of these thoughts are random. Our consciousness consists of continual transmissions of quantum energy, the source of which is often our unconscious mind taking advantage of the clear path we’ve laid out for it during meditation. For every thought, judgment, feeling or question that materializes without meaning, there may be another right behind it with profound implication.

This is not to say that we should allow our meditative states to spiral out of control, but we cannot afford to live with ego either. The deepening value that may exist in our unconscious digressions is too exciting!

The experienced meditator creates a sort of dreamscape of clarity, a canopy below which the presence of self is harmonized. Allow your digressions to enter, take note as before, but spend an extra moment to trace the thought back to its root. Let the source to guide your next move, while remembering that if we don’t allow ourselves the fulfillment our unconscious mind may need, pain may fill the gap.

Dear Pa'al, meditate on these thoughts and appreciate the digressions as they come.

By deepening, we live.

- Xaman Nay

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