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Spirituality & Yoga

This meditation is taken directly from the "Applications" section of the Texts of Ta'amism, and is provided to assist in answering more practical questions about the nature of our beliefs and our purpose.

"In our discussions about appropriations, one of the unfortunate examples within the grid is mainstream religion having appropriated the notion of spirituality. While Ta’amism respects and encourages knowledge of all wide-ranging beliefs, we also take the position that ownership over a basic human need, concept, or emotion should not be encouraged. To be defined, there should be no need to attach spirituality to a deity, or in order for an individual to feel spiritual, it is not due to the intercession of a god. Spirituality is as evolutionary as consciousness itself, almost as if they were interconnected, and it certainly set roots well before modern religion.

Realization of this is a major deepening many Ta’amists have experienced, defining spirituality within the context of the internal, individual and interminable.

Once accepted, Ta’amism focuses efforts on how to enter into the spiritual realm of our minds, how to be more externally spiritual, and how our Tonalli is a tangible culmination of the spiritual nature of our conscious and unconscious, ever evolving.

Meditating on the word “spiritual” can reveal a multitude of definitions both unique to the Ta’amist and to the experience. From the spiritual discerning one might feel looking out over a mountain vista, to the divine awakening one attains when connecting to their Tonalli during meditation, the term can encompass a myriad of sensations. Our purpose is to discover new ways in which to find our spirituality and what it means to us within the Ta’am.

It is in the midst of deepening where our curiosity is given the chance to unify.

In addition to meditation, yoga is one of the preeminent techniques for achieving spiritual freedom, for putting our minds in a place where our total consciousness becomes visible in a way that enhances our meditative abilities.

As much as the concept of spirituality has existed far longer than modern religion, so too has the practice of yoga. The benefits of yoga are widely known for a practice that has been a prevalent form of physical and mental stimulation for thousands of years. Regular adherents experience improvements in respiration, energy, metabolism, increased strength and flexibility, not to mention the overall health benefits to their cardiovascular and circulatory systems.

All of these physical benefits play an important role in the health of our minds; a strong and capable body leads to a strong and capable mind, and a system of yoga has the ability to amplify both. The increases in our energy along with the balanced vibrations possible with improved health, lend themselves to enhanced focus and deeper meditations.

Looking further still, we explore ways to meditate in all situations; it is in that midst of deepening where our curiosity is given the chance to unify, and our minds are fully protected against the turbulence of the grid."

We hope this meditation assists you in your personal deepening and remind all Ta'amists that the printed texts will be available soon. While we make parts available from time to time, we are of the mind that publicizing online is not the answer. The extent of knowledge available within is worthy of commitment.

By deepening, we live.

- Xaman Kal (from the Texts of Ta'amism)

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