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Energetic Attachments

It isn't often we share excerpts directly from the Texts of Ta'amism, but with the upcoming publication and further availability of the texts, we are choosing to share some sections in the meantime to assist those who may be at a crossroads of purpose.

The texts contain a large section on the science of energy and how it is one of the fundamental elements of Ta'amism. The following topic is generally studied in addition to an individuals understanding of harmonizing and energy flows, but is worth the meditative efforts to deepen:

"Energy is not sentient, however, there are times where it can feel this way. Depending on how we treat our energy, how we meditate on our vibrations, the bondings we share or the vessels we use, energy can often create a sort of attachment within us if we are not mindful. This can happen with both positive or negative energies, but the commonality is that it is a sensation we become accustomed to, and therefore can feel like a part of our being, of our Tonalli.

Some teachings or world religions prescribe external presences to these types of energies without fully understanding the science behind them, and we must first cast off our preconceived notions of these concepts. In Ta’amism we describe a positive energetic attachment as an “angel” and a negative energetic attachment as a “demon”. Do not be alarmed, these are simply descriptive words and are not to be confused with any religious definitions of the terms.

Try to think of an angel as the energy a person experiences when they enjoy a feeling of satisfaction as the result of an object or an activity. To use a religious example, perhaps the act of praying before bed provides a person with a level of comfort or safety. The energy experienced here is positive, but not understood. While this person attributes this feeling to a higher power, such as an angel or a god, they have in fact created this energy themselves, while subsequently and unfortunately linking it to an imaginary force. This external force has now become an attachment that could result in the only way this person experiences this type of positive energy, thus detracting from their ability to not only understand how energy works, but also from their ability to experience true deepening.

A demon is the other end of this spectrum, an attachment to a negative energy such as a thought, experience, or even a person. Often our opinions of our selves such as our self-worth, self-esteem, or self-confidence can create attachments that are difficult to break free from. This concept is a bit easier to comprehend, but the point is that this energy is yet again created internally, despite any outside influence, and has manifested in an attachment that has the power to dictate our thoughts and actions, keeping us from deepening.

Both angels and demons are energetic attachments that must be understood, meditated on, and defeated. We must always be open to the fullest deepening possible and therefore we cannot be bound by any attachments or domestications, especially the ones we create ourselves. Having a solid understanding of the science of vibrations and energy, how it works and how we can use it to navigate our path is the key to ensuring that it always remains within our control.

Harmonizing and energy flow are vital readings within the Texts of Ta’amism. Continue to strive in your efforts to identify your vibrations, understand your energy flows and how they can be consciously and unconsciously manipulated, and recognize the universal need for balance in energy. This is key in your journey to named Xaman."

By deepening, we live.

- Xaman Ek

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