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Re-purposing Energy

It has been some time since Ta'amism unveiled the continuance of its direction, but a spiritual guide knows better than most the inspiration that exploration can reveal. While considering our previous meditation on the reconciliation of monotheism during a Xaman element located in the heart of historical Slavic Paganism territory (modern Russia and Ukraine), we were once again reminded of the harsh reality that monotheistic religions unearthed upon different cultures.

The destruction of this honest and innocent perception of a world brought to life by a host of varied spirits was just another example of how a foreign dogma persisted to obliterate the journey of indigenous knowledge. In meditating on these events, we couldn't help but realize the truth of what already existed, the connection to the origins of the Ta'am that began halfway around the world centuries earlier, and the endless way energy will self-actualize across otherwise impenetrable boundaries.

We encourage you to perform your next meditation on the energy that can be drawn from history. Research, amplify your connection to the past where energy persists untapped, and change its flow. Consider the moon-god Mesyats of ancient Slavic belief, bringer of health and abundance, and meditate on the abundance of your energy radiating forth around you.

Some wish that history could be rewritten, but the Ta'amist understands that it must rather be re-purposed and re-energized.

By deepening, we live.

- Xaman Ek

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