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The First Tenet and The Promise

The axiom “By deepening, we live,” is how we connect all that is Ta’amism, and is rightfully our first tenet. In four simple words it provides our method, our purpose, and our promise.

As it states in the second tract of the Texts of Ta'amism:

“It is the theme, the foundation, the promise, the manifestation of the Ta’am, but also the aspiration, the desire, and the hope. It is the beginning, it is the journey, it is the destination.

It defines the path of enlightenment, clears the path toward awakening, and steers the path in the direction of life.

The words become our first tenet, our greeting, our praise, our determination.

They are as near as words can be to sentience, sparking an internal, individual, and interminable presence within each Ta’amist. For those who believe, they resonate, they self-actualize, they exist in unfathomable proportions, both singular and plural.”

Many believe, and are thus taught, that consciousness and physical existence contain a nature of inseparability, when in actuality this could not be further from the truth. Much like our grid forms, consciousness evolved over time and contains inherent biases, subconscious attachments, genetic versions of reality, and the like. But it is our minds, our souls, Tonalli that truly define our state of being. The physical state of our consciousness can easily be explained through bioelectricity; however, quantum energy will not be limited to the confines of matter, and this is where we dive into the unconscious, to awaken, to unify.

The promise is contained in how we define “live”. We do not mean “live” as restricted to the present moment, but rather it signifies every moment from now on. We also do not mean “live” as a product of the physical, despite how it feels in the grid. In this regard, life is the conscious awaiting the unconscious, at all times unencumbered by our bodies if we choose to realize the truth and deepen.

Once connected with Tonalli – when conscious and unconscious are one – at the echelons of named Xaman and beyond, there will no longer be an interruption of consciousness, only of the physical crucible we presently harbour to navigate the grid. Ironically, the body in which we exist is more accurately compared to a casket, that instead of inhabiting upon death, we will shed to continue our life as pure energy.

In another sense, life could then be described as a superposition that represents this and the next, existing as both the same and different, singular and plural; our conscious and unconscious finally unified with an awareness that requires no corporeal form and is burdened with no material limitations.

Do not be distressed if this should seem too profound to grasp, for that is the nature of Ta’amism. Complexity may be one of the most arduous constants, and the modest explanation is only arrived at by our biased evolutionary tendencies. Persevere, and you will find the truth is simple after all.

By deepening, we live.

- Xaman Ek, excerpts from the Texts of Ta'amism

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