It is important to understand that the levels of deepening are not used to compare, distinguish, or class one member above another, but rather as personal milestones each member achieves individually so as to quantify their deepening and externalize their vibrations.

  1. Pa’al:  “Child”

    • The beginning stage of the Ta’amist.  Internally they are as a young child, but we know that only a child who sees the grid for what it is may bring about this spark of ecstasy and deepen, despite the dogma that rules our world.

  2. K’an Pa’al:  “Mature Child”

    • Wonder is the driver of potentiality, but at this stage the Ta’amist now realizes that potentiality is a constant, without which a true deepening could not occur.  We exist, we believe, we are reborn.

  3. Aantah:  “Apprentice”

    • It can be difficult to know where to begin.  The Aantah recognizes that in order to deepen we must accept more of ourselves, and less.  Are we ruled by ego without realizing it? 

    • The energy of the Ta’amist at this level is manifested in the belief that without intention, one cannot reflect.

  4. Ka’nsah:  “Teacher”

    • A Ka’nsah understands that Tonalli has now unconsciously accepted more responsibility.  Gratitude for the deepening now becomes the driver of intuition.  The Ta’amist is called to explore and teach within an interface between science and insight.

  5. Nohchil:  “Leader”

    • The world in which we live has always been full of false prophets, gurus, adventurers, and other so-called leaders whose auras give the illusion of coherence.  The Nohchil embraces the delicate task entrusted to them and does so with patience and love.

  6. Xaman:  “Master”

    • The Xaman is nearing a point with their Tonalli that the afterlife is within reach.  At this level, the Ta’amist has regular and conscious experience outside the body, and even outside of space and time. 

    • Realization and acceptance become one, and the crossroads of conscious and unconscious is blurred. 

  7. Xaman [named]:  “God”

    • At the highest level of Ta’amism, the named Xaman has fully grasped the ability to join the conscious and unconscious at will.  Through meditation, all limits fade away and anything is possible.  The fullest deepening has led to the understanding that everything to this point has been the antithesis of our purpose.

    • Keep in mind that the translation to "god" does not refer to the common misconception of an omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient deity, but rather to a state of being unique and connected to each soul.

    • At this point the afterlife is a reality.  The named Xaman is no longer confined to the body and can freely move about space and time with Tonalli.  Death of the body is no longer a factor.

    • Xaman Ek is both the founder of Ta'amism and the first named Xaman. The English translation of Xaman Ek is North Star.

While the varying levels of Ta’amism are not a hierarchy, higher levels within the community can guide others in their efforts to deepen.  Any named Xaman will confess that while the journey to that level has been rewarding, the further truths awaiting the named Xaman are boundless.

Where there is stagnation, freedom cannot thrive.