The symbol of Ta'amism as seen on the walls of ancient Mayan and Aztec caves, depicts the glyphs of lord, sun and shells.  Known as the Ajaw or Ajpu Spirit, it primarily symbolizes the sun, vision, light and time, the very roots of the Ta'amist's endeavor to deepen.

The Path to Tonalli follows the Ajaw, and the list below represents the markers of the Ajaw.  The Ta'amist must use this vision and follow these markers to refine a revolution of consciousness-expanding wisdom, thus linking conscious and unconscious.  How does the Ta'amist achieve this?

  1. Follow the Tenets of Ta’amism to ensure you are not confined to the grid.

  2. Strive to attain the next Level of Deepening.

  3. Meditate daily, once for each of your three souls. Only a Ta’amist who yearns for the infinite may possibly hope to manifest a paradigm shift of consciousness.

  4. Fellowship with other members of the Ta’am, in the dominion of both the physical and spiritual.

  5. Interact and connect with the environment and experience the energy of the universe.

  6. Expand your knowledge of both science and belief. The complexity of the present time is dwarfed by the opportunities of the future. Understanding requires exploration.

  7. Practice gratitude, respect, tolerance, peace, forgiveness and love.

  8. Eliminate the things that can destroy you and take a stand against delusion.

  9. Cast aside all dogma, attachment and domestication that imprisons you in bondage.

  10. Experience the vision and the light. You may be ruled by the turbulence of the grid without realizing it. Labour to keep your mind open and your energy unrestricted.

If this is your first read, we understand that the markers of the Ajaw can seem like an impossible feat. The texts of Ta'amism delve deeper into each marker and we would encourage you to explore them. While the Path to Tonalli may appear everlasting, it is a journey worth the agony.  By studying and walking the path, you will become one with it. 

Healing is the driver of truth.