By deepening, we live.

  1. By deepening, we live.

  2. We deepen our Tonalli through the connection of our minds.  Meditation, ritual, even the simplest forms of conversation can provide us with an ethereal spiritual deepening.

  3. We deepen our Teyolía through the connection of our bodies.  The deepening comes not only through our physical health, but also our spiritual wellbeing and love.

  4. We deepen our Ihíyotl through the connection of our emotions and environment.  Passion in nature and comfort in intimacy lead to a deepening of our desire.

  5. The Ta’amist has a strong understanding of science.  The metaphysical nature of the Ta’am cannot exist without the physical nature of the universe.

  6. The Ta’amist has a deep passion for the beliefs of others, including world religions, historical beliefs, mysticisms, and new movements.  It’s through our energy and vibrations that each of us harmonizes.  How can one harmonize without understanding?  By refining, we vibrate.

  7. The Ta’amist is accepting of all life and treats each as an extension of our own.  For we are all connected through energy, no one is above another.

  8. The Ta’amist understands that dogma is born in the gap where peace has been excluded.  Enlightening ourselves will ground others with the hope they too will embrace the Ta’am.

  9. The potential of the Ta’amist requires exploration, for if not moving forward, one recedes.

  10. The Ta’amist continually reads the texts of the Ta’am, understands our origins, and follows The Path to Tonalli.  Further readiness reveals more truths.  To walk the path is to become one with it.